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The Permanent Mission

The Togo Mission to the United Nations serves as the Togo’ delegation to the United Nations.

The Permanent Mission

What is the role of Togo’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations?

The Togolese Mission represents Togo at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The diplomats monitor the activities of the UN, each according to their own fields of expertise. They report on these activities to the Togolese authorities. They relay and defend Togo’s positions. They make certain that these are taken into account during negotiations, notably in collaboration with our African partners. 

Who works at the mission?

Almost 30 people are employed at the Mission. They are led by the Permanent Representative, Kodjo Menan (photo).

The Mission also receives the support of additional diplomats at the start of each session of the General Assembly between September and December. This team of “reinforcements” monitors the general debate of the General Assembly and the various tasks of the committees.

The Togo Mission to the United Nations is located at 112 East  40 Street, New York,  NY 10016

Tel. 1-212-490-3455 / 3456